Cover art of Deepend single 'My Heart (NaNaNa)'

New single!

My Heart (NaNaNa)

Sep 18th 2020

Woke Up In Bangkok collaborators Deepend and YouNotUs return with a new hit My Heart feat. Faulhaber!

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Cover art of 'Desire'


Mar 20th 2020

She Keeps Bees' authentic voice and Deepend's signature production are a match made in heaven, resulting in the next summer hit!

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Cover art of 'Be Yours (Club Mix)'

Be Yours (Club Mix)

Dec 27th 2019

With its filtered effects, blazing beats and vocals cut apart, the 'Be Yours' remix turns an already catchy tune into dance floor heaven!

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Cover art of 'Be Yours'

Be Yours

Nov 22nd 2019

Blending catchy guitar chords with sunny vocals in a laidback groove, 'Be Yours' is sure to bring out the sun on a dreary winter’s day.

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Cover art of 'Gipsy (Deepend Remix)'

Gipsy (Deepend Remix)

Sep 27th 2019

By remixing Moksi’s fan favorite Gipsy, Deepend proved once again he can turn any song into overwhelming hands-in-the-air club hits.

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Cover art of 'Let's Be Lovers Tonight (Deepend Remix)'

Let's Be Lovers Tonight (Deepend Remix)

Aug 16th 2019

Taking on Rea Garvey’s Let’s Be Lovers Tonight resulted in the joyeus remix inhabiting Germany’s top 20 radio charts for over 3 months.

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Cover art of 'Long Way Home'

Long Way Home

Jun 13th 2019

Teaming up with Lucas & Steve resulted in an instant feel-good classic featuring infectious vocals, catchy hooks and an overwhelming chorus.

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Cover art of 'Only Love'

Only Love

Nov 16th 2018

The lovely vocals, catchy guitar and uplifting melodies are synonym with Deepend’s signature sound, bringing out the positive in life.

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Cover art of 'Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)'

Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)

Sep 19th 2014

Generating over 250 millions streams on Spotify alone, this classic multi-platinum remix skyrocketed Deepend into the radio stratosphere!

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